4 Tips To Make Your Banners More Effective For Marketing


Banners are an effective marketing tool, but only if you get the design right. You want a design that enhances product and service recognition in the market. So, use the guideline below to make your banners ideal for marketing.

1. Maintain Consistency

Don't let your banners stray too far from your brand personality. Instead, the banners should reflect who you are as a company. For instance, use bold fonts and jagged angles if you have a rugged brand. On the flip side, opt for down-to-earth imagery and colors in your banner if you identify as a sincere brand.

According to Forbes, you can increase your revenue by up to 23% if you present your brand consistently. So, use a professional color scheme for a professional organization like a law firm. But, if you are a water or animal park, you could go for something less official.

2. Choose Your Colors Wisely 

Colors convey vital information that could change people's opinions in a short time. The ideal colors depend on your product, brand, and intended message. For instance, ensure the colors don't clash but complement each other. If you have signature colors, incorporate them to reinforce your brand identity.

Custom banners should be loud and noticeable, so don't shy from vibrant colors. Bright hues stand out and demand attention, so use colors like blue, red, and yellow for custom banners. If you aren't artistic, use opposite colors in the color wheel to guide your banner sign.

3. Avoid Complexities

Banners should display less but still be solid and clear. A simple design enhances memorability and effectiveness. So use short, bold headlines that stick in your audience's head. You could also use humor and rhymes, so your audience can recall your banner letter.

4. Include All Key Information

Ensure all necessary information are available on your banners. Some vital details to print include:

  • Visuals. The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. So, use images and any other visuals that best represent your intended message.

  • Your intended message. Apart from the visuals, include some text for your important announcement, e.g., 'discounted sale' or 'free deliveries.' Again, use a few characters to ensure your audience reads the message in the shortest time possible.

  • Logo. A good logo is a quick reference to your business. So, print the logo near your banner's top, where people can easily notice. Also, keep the banner from interfering with relevant visuals or texts in the rest of the design.

Each of the above communicates relevant information that potential customers want to know.

A simple design isn't necessarily simple to create. Banners are an investment of time and money which you shouldn't take lightly. So if you don't have a team with the necessary expertise, don't DIY. Instead, consult a banner design professional to get the most out of your banner marketing efforts. 



11 November 2022

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Business Signs

When I started my first business, I had taken a few business classes in college, but I still had a lot to learn. I had a good product to sell, but at first, sales were very slow. I wasn't sure just how to drum up business, and I didn't have money left in my budget to invest in a big marketing campaign. I was very lucky that local marketing professional stopped into my business, and although I couldn't afford to hire him, he did give me one free important tip: invest in better signage! Since signs are relatively affordable, I took his advice and traded in my old banner for a quality professionally designed sign. Foot traffic and sales increased rapidly. I learned a lot during the sign design process that I want to share on my new blog to help other small business owners out there who are struggling!