How To Effectively Design a Tag for Your Power Poles


When you own power poles, you need to clarify the ownership for that particular power pole. The most effective way to do that is by using power pole tags. The most effective labels are custom-made ones that include correct and relevant information.

Start With the Company Name

The first piece of information that should be engraved on the tag is the name of your company. If there is space, you can add a phone number or email address for your company. However, the company name should usually be all that is needed to establish contact with your company. Ensure you have accurate and easy-to-find contact information online so that people can quickly contact your company.

Use an Identify Number

Next, if you own more than one power pole, you need a way to identify each power pole. One of the best ways to remember each power pole is to give each power pole its unique number sequence.

For the unique number sequence to be helpful, make sure you keep internal records as to the exact location that each power pole is in correspondence with its identifying number.

If someone outside your company contacts you about a power pole and can provide you with the identifying number from the tag, you can easily know what power pole they are talking about.

Create a Code

Finally, consider adding a bar code. This is a great way to condense important information into a small space. You can use that bar code to pull up data about that specific unit. As an example, you could store data such as a maintenance log on the bar code. This allows for current information to be on the tag. 

For your customer power pole tags, etch the company name and identification number onto each label. Etching is essential, as it will help ensure the information does not rub off. Adding a custom barcode to each tag is a further helpful step that will store up-to-date information about your power poles. Creating individual tags for each of your power poles will allow for you to keep track of each pole and will allow for outside organizations and businesses to contact you if there is an issue that needs to be addressed about your pole. As your poles sit out in the world by themselves, having a way to identify them and connect them to your company is important.


18 May 2021

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Business Signs

When I started my first business, I had taken a few business classes in college, but I still had a lot to learn. I had a good product to sell, but at first, sales were very slow. I wasn't sure just how to drum up business, and I didn't have money left in my budget to invest in a big marketing campaign. I was very lucky that local marketing professional stopped into my business, and although I couldn't afford to hire him, he did give me one free important tip: invest in better signage! Since signs are relatively affordable, I took his advice and traded in my old banner for a quality professionally designed sign. Foot traffic and sales increased rapidly. I learned a lot during the sign design process that I want to share on my new blog to help other small business owners out there who are struggling!