4 Tips For Creating Top-Notch Custom Ornamental Signs


Professionally created ornamental signs can instantly grab attention. Whether you're looking to create custom ornamental signs for business or personal use, you'll want to get the best possible results for your dollar. Here are four ways to make sure your signs will look impressive.

Develop a Solid Idea

The creative element of this sort of project can cause problems. While it's fine to feel your way through the initial idea, you want to eventually get to a solid idea for the project. Sign-makers work best when they don't have to prod around an idea to try to tease it out.

Make a list of the specific elements you want your ornamental signs to have. If possible, use photos and drawings to relay your wishes. Even a basic sketch can go a long way toward making sure everybody is on the same page.

Avoid Clutter

There is a thin line between ornate and noisy. An ornate design can work well as long as it doesn't go overboard. A sign that features custom-cut vines, for example, can make an impression with a few leaves and some green to make it read as vegetation. Flooding the image with the vines can look just as bad as a real garden overgrown with actual vines.

If you need to have a busy element in a sign, try to separate it from other components. For example, you can use thick lines around any text to separate it from a busy background.

A similar issue can occur with lettering choices. Try to avoid fonts that are so fancy that they're unreadable. When in doubt, use a couple of versions to test the design out with a few people who have no investment in the project.

Use Color

When deployed with care, color can be a powerful tool. Custom ornamental signs can make use of a simple color palette to maximize visual impact. You might use red lettering to create a clear focal point on a business name, for example. Not only will it make the sign more readable, but it'll also attract viewers from further away.

Break the Mold

Signs that employ different shapes and angles can be very fetching. Using a big triangle for a sign that points people in a direction, for example, can make it fun and interesting.

A sign can also take a shape for symbolic reasons. For example, a boot shop can create a sense of charm with a sign that looks like a boot.


23 March 2021

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Business Signs

When I started my first business, I had taken a few business classes in college, but I still had a lot to learn. I had a good product to sell, but at first, sales were very slow. I wasn't sure just how to drum up business, and I didn't have money left in my budget to invest in a big marketing campaign. I was very lucky that local marketing professional stopped into my business, and although I couldn't afford to hire him, he did give me one free important tip: invest in better signage! Since signs are relatively affordable, I took his advice and traded in my old banner for a quality professionally designed sign. Foot traffic and sales increased rapidly. I learned a lot during the sign design process that I want to share on my new blog to help other small business owners out there who are struggling!