6 Tips for Making Great Custom Signs and Banners


Custom signs and banners can be used for an array of reasons. Businesses use them to announce sales, and many folks use them at social functions to provide personalized statements. Regardless of why you're interested in making a sign or banner, here are 6 tips that will ensure the results will be great.

1. Avoid Visual Clutter

One of the biggest mistakes most people make with banners and signs is making them visually noisy. For example, placing a fancy text style over a photograph can make it hard to separate the letters from the image. If you need to use both text and photographic elements, it's wise to give each component some visual space so they can breathe.

2. Employ Strong Contrasts

Dark text on a white background or the reverse is the best way to create banners and custom signs that will be readable. If your banner or sign will sit in front of a noisy background, you may also want to add a solid-colored border to separate your product from the surrounding stuff.

3. Consider Materials

The materials used for your signs and banners need to hold up well. Using canvas materials in a humid outdoor environment, for example, is a bad idea. That's especially the case if the banner is going to stay outside for long periods because this can encourage mildew growth. If you need a product that will withstand the beating of weather or humidity, look at vinyl banners.

4. Size Matters for Lettering

A simple rule to follow is to station yourself where the most-distant viewed will be. For every 10 feet that an individual will be from the sign or banner, you should add one inch of height to the letters. For example, a banner positioned 70 feet away from this hypothetical person should have letters that are no shorter than 7 inches tall.

5. Keep Your Message Short

Most folks aren't going to read a message that's the length of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Keep the message short. If you're celebrating a birthday, for example, something like "Happy 40th Birthday!" will do the job better than a long message like "Lordy, Lordy, Look Who Just Turned 40!" Brevity is a virtue when it comes to custom signs.

6. Use a Limited Color Palette

Two to three solid colors will work the best. Use a single color for your text, and don't reuse it elsewhere on the sign or banner.


14 July 2020

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Business Signs

When I started my first business, I had taken a few business classes in college, but I still had a lot to learn. I had a good product to sell, but at first, sales were very slow. I wasn't sure just how to drum up business, and I didn't have money left in my budget to invest in a big marketing campaign. I was very lucky that local marketing professional stopped into my business, and although I couldn't afford to hire him, he did give me one free important tip: invest in better signage! Since signs are relatively affordable, I took his advice and traded in my old banner for a quality professionally designed sign. Foot traffic and sales increased rapidly. I learned a lot during the sign design process that I want to share on my new blog to help other small business owners out there who are struggling!