Illuminated Signs That Are Valuable For A Parking Garage


If you operate a parking garage, a variety of signs will be critical to your successful operation. You'll want to meet with a custom sign company that can provide you with all of the signs that you need, including those that are illuminated. While non-illuminated signs are effective — for example, signs that mark handicapped spaces or tell drivers what speed limit they should maintain while navigating your garage — illuminated signs will be critical. This is especially true during the winter when there's less daylight, and if your garage is underground. Here are three types of illuminated signs that you'll want to get.

Open Spots Available

Few things are more frustrating for motorists than circling a block to find a parking garage, finally locating one, and then driving past every parking spot before learning that it's full. You can avoid such frustrations by having an illuminated sign that indicates how many open spots the garage has available. These signs are highly informative, and can often have more than just a simple number. For example, if your garage has several levels, you can get a sign that provides a breakdown of the available spaces by level. Its illuminated nature means that passing motorists will quickly notice it and, if the numbers are favorable, pull in.


Parking garages often have a variety of pricing options for vehicles, typically related to the amount of time that a vehicle spends in the garage. Some garages make the mistake of not making these details visible to motorists until they've pulled in — which is frustrating for the motorist if he or she learns that the garage's rates are higher than others in the area. Make sure that you get an illuminated sign that clearly indicates the price for parking. Even if you charge a few different rates, you can have the sign reflect this information in a clear, easy-to-decipher manner.


Parking garages can often be difficult to navigate for motorists, especially those who are visiting the structure for the first time. The last thing that you want is a collision inside of the garage, as this will frustrate other customers and potentially even prevent people from entering the garage to park. A series of illuminated signs that feature directional arrows and clear wording can be effective for indicating the route that motorists need to take to get from one level to another, as well as to the parking garage's exits.

For more information on signage options, contact a commercial sign shop in your area.


23 September 2019

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