2 Things You Need To Keep Everyone Safe Around Your Transformer


If you are going to have an electrical transformer installed for your building, you want to make sure that you are able to keep everyone safe. There are certain things that you can do to make sure that no one accidentally touches the transformer and hurts themselves or damages your transformer. 

Install a Fence

Your first line of defense should be a fence. That's because it makes it hard for people to get into your transformer. If they can't get to it, they can't hurt themselves or damage your transformer, which could cause a lot of damage to your building.

You want to make sure that your fence is high enough that people can't just easily get into it. You also want to make sure that the fence isn't too close to the transformer. You don't want to risk anything touching the transformer and the fence at the same time, which could cause a short circuit in the transformer. Even if your fence isn't made out of metal, it will likely still have some metal in it and could cause all kinds of problems.

Check with the building codes in your area to see if they have a requirement for how high the fence needs to be and how far from the transformer it should be. If there aren't any requirements, then you should ask your power company to see if they have a recommendation. 

Signs and Labels

Another thing that you should do is make sure that you have plenty of warning signs and labels on your fence and around the transformer. If you have signs and labels on everything and they are clearly visible, then you are reducing your liability if someone does manage to get into the enclosure around your transformer and gets hurt.

The signs should be brightly colored so that they attract attention and should have short, simple text on them. Having a sign that says something like "Danger" in big black letters on a yellow background is going to be more effective than a sign of the same size that talks all about the danger with smaller black letters on a white background.

When it comes to labeling your transformer, you want to make sure that you also use brightly colored labels. More than that, you want to make sure that the labels are going to stay on the transformer for a long time. Something like a vinyl label will be your best idea. You can talk with a sign company, such as Tech Products Inc, for more options.

If you need to have a transformer for your business, you need to make sure that it is going to be safe and that everyone proceeds with care around the transformer. 


10 August 2017

Never Underestimate the Importance of Good Business Signs

When I started my first business, I had taken a few business classes in college, but I still had a lot to learn. I had a good product to sell, but at first, sales were very slow. I wasn't sure just how to drum up business, and I didn't have money left in my budget to invest in a big marketing campaign. I was very lucky that local marketing professional stopped into my business, and although I couldn't afford to hire him, he did give me one free important tip: invest in better signage! Since signs are relatively affordable, I took his advice and traded in my old banner for a quality professionally designed sign. Foot traffic and sales increased rapidly. I learned a lot during the sign design process that I want to share on my new blog to help other small business owners out there who are struggling!